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Innovative Privacy with Native Plants

Landscape Design

Landscape Design & Installation


April 2023

Distinctive Non-Traditional Elegance: A captivating privacy hedge that defies conventional planting design. The carefully curated mix of textures, colors, and forms creates a unique and elegant focal point within the residential landscape.

Naturalized Cultivars & Native Plants: Carefully selected cultivar trees that thrive in the Pacific Northwest's zone 9a provide aesthetic beauty and contribute to the overall health of the site's specific ecosystem.

Year-Round Allure: From the blossoms of spring to the lush foliage of summer, the fiery colors of fall, and bright winter focal points, each season unveils a new facet of this enchanting garden.

Sustainable Legacy: The completed project reflects our commitment to sustainable landscaping practices. From water-wise irrigation systems to organic soil amendments, every detail is a testament to creating a low-maintenance, eco-friendly outdoor space that stands the test of time.

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